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Fringe Theatre

June 3-6, 2015



With humour and satirical commentary, de Beaumarchais’s "The Barber of Seville" was an immediate sensation across Europe in the late 1700s. "Figaro" resets the play in modern Hong Kong, where classic French farce meets Asia’s world city.

What can the head of an insolvent European nation do to save the national treasury? The only hope is to marry for money and -- lots of it. He comes, where else?, to Hong Kong to court a certain Rosy Ma, daughter of billionaire businessman. Rosy, an "overseas" student at university, is watched over by old Dr Hu, who wants Rosy and her money for himself. Does love even matter any more? Figaro is everyone’s "fixer" and, boy, does he fix things!

Translated and adapted by Peter Gordon; produced and directed by Nicole Garbellini, co-directed by Vanessa Noble.


在18世紀末期,博馬舍的幽默諷刺劇“塞維利亞的理髮師”令整個歐洲為之轟動。今天的 “FIGARO” 故事發生在現代的香港,法國經典的鬧劇在亞洲的國際都會發生。

負債累累的歐洲國家的領導人如何能充實國庫?唯一的希望就是利用婚姻換取大量的金錢。還有什麼地方可以找到?到香港找億萬富翁中國商人的女兒ROSY MA,一個由老胡醫生照顧的大學生。老胡醫生亦希望擁有ROSY 和她帶來財富。 愛情重要嗎?FIGARO 要收拾殘局。

Aurora Theatre is included in the programme of Le French may and is now bringing to the stage this hilarious comedy.


Nikel Mordis
Harmony Lee
Alexander James
Vimal Vaz
Suen Chi Hung

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